On Quitting

Quitters Never Win and Winners Never Quit There are many phrases that quickly send even the calmest of parents into a frenzy. “I want to quit” ranks up there for many of us. It doesn’t matter how old they are, the scenario runs pretty much the same. They go to practice or the game or … Continued

Eating Healthy in the New Year

On-the-Go Eats You and Your Kids Will Love Odds are that you’ve already kicked off 2015 with plenty of promises and intentions to carry through the year with a happier, healthier family. Keep your kids – and yourself – running at your peak with healthy eats, no matter how on the go your life may … Continued

Youth Time Management

Developing Time Management There are so many things that influence one’s success professionally and in life, but few have as much bearing as time management. In the corporate world, even barely seasoned professionals are quick to spot out the people with poor time management skills – and for one reason; it’s annoying to work with … Continued

Why Children Seek Second Families

Why Your Child Seeks a Second Family It’s funny – no matter how great the family, the kids are still going to crave something different. And it doesn’t matter how many toys they have or how big the house, they’re still going to want a twin sister like the Sweet Valley High girls or a … Continued

Finding Family Time

Make Family Time a “Thing” Remember the early days of sports – the good ‘ol days when you had one match, game, or competition each weekend and one practice… and that seemed like a lot? Then the commitment grew… to multiple practices and competitive days and more practices and open gyms. And now, you are … Continued

Individual Vs. Team Sport and getting the best of both

The Best of Both Worlds When we talk about defining someone’s strengths and opportunities for growth, one of the common questions is whether they prefer to work as an individual or as part of a team. Some people strongly prefer one or the other while, for others, it’s situational. But life doesn’t let us discern … Continued

The Power of Mentors

What’s the Power of Mentoring? From birth, children look up to others in their lives—literally and figuratively. Early on, their parents are the most important people in their lives; then siblings enter the chain of command along with grandparents and other caregivers. That chain will continue to grow as the child grows, adding links to … Continued

Whats in my cheer bag

There are always questions on what athletes should bring to competition.  Here is an awesome article about things to have in your cheer bag on competition day. whats in my cheer bag

How much would you pay for sport

Often people discuss the costs of cheer and other youth sports.  There is no question that it is expensive to have your children in year round competitive sports.  Our friends at Premier Academy from Canada wrote a fantastic article about just this topic.  Check it out! How much would you pay for sport

The dangers of the couch: Keeping kids active throughout summer

School, and the sun are both out, and summer is officially here.  Summer is a fun and exciting time for kids as they get to forego the stresses of daily school work and trade it in for vacation, relaxation and time with friends.  I know as a coach summer is one of my favorite times … Continued