Making a Change – A different perspective on athletes changing programs

In the little state of Oregon, sometimes my program is painted as the big bad wolf, or the boogie man, to young athletes in other programs.  Spoken of in hushed tones as if a parent leaves their window unlocked we will sneak in at night and steal their children away.  Despite the fact that this … Continued

All Star Cheerleading – Tryouts – Youth sports

This is both my favorite and least favorite time of year simultaneously.  This is the time of year where new kids come to the gym, new teams are formed and the process of building a new family is started.  This is also the time of year where kids graduate, move away, and sometimes leave cheer … Continued

A tale of slaying – Cheerleading Worlds 2015 – The OTOL bond

  29 of some of the most amazing athletes I know boarded a plan and flew half way across the country to be tested against the best of the best teams from around the world.  These kids had been through a lot in the past few weeks, and although they were excited, confident, and boisterous … Continued

Taking Extra Classes

Some of the most common questions pertaining to if someone should sign up for classes or not. What is the benefit of taking the class? How is this different than what they do at practice? Why continue to take classes, they already got that skill? Shouldn’t I just take private lessons? Do you really think … Continued

Why Team Sports are Critical for youth

When Tori and I had our first son, Ryder, before we could leave the hospital we were “required” to watch a 20 minute video tutorial about parenting, and having a new born.  That was the last organized, and force fed education on how to be a parent.  The rest of the process the last 5 … Continued