Taking Extra Classes

Some of the most common questions pertaining to if someone should sign up for classes or not. What is the benefit of taking the class? How is this different than what they do at practice? Why continue to take classes, they already got that skill? Shouldn’t I just take private lessons? Do you really think my athlete would benefit from the class? These are all questions, valid ones, that parents ask coaches when new class schedules are released. To the coaches the answers to these questions seem simple, but to parents they are honest questions.

What is the benefit of taking the class?
The first and foremost benefit is getting to participate in practicing MORE than they already do. The best athletes are rarely the most talented, in fact they tend to be the athletes that are the most singularly committed to using all their time toward perfecting their chosen craft. Additionally athletes get the opportunity to focus on skill building rather than skill maintenance. Every experienced coach knows that as the season progresses you stop pushing athletes as hard to get new skills, and start pushing athletes more toward cleaning and polishing the skills they are throwing. By taking a class you also get the experience of working with a new instructor that is not your typical team coach. Often times this minor change in coaching style, delivery, or simply an athletes desire to impress the new coach can lead athletes to overcome a hurdle they were previously dealing with.

How is this different than what they do at practice?
Practices, especially later in the season, are specifically geared toward cleaning and perfecting the skills in a routine. The tumbling time we have at ODT at this point in the season may spend some time developing specific skills needing to be developed for the routine, but rarely is pushing athletes outside the comfort zone, or breaking things down into multiple stations and targeting specific techniques to improve overall tumbling technique. Classes do all the things that standard team tumbling does not. Additionally the coach to athlete ratios are much better in our tumbling classes. That kind of hands on time with a coach is incredibly valuable.

Why continue in classes my athlete got the skill by themselves?
Getting a skill by yourself is just the first step. That is the learning to walk stage. A brand new skill is a long way away from being performance ready, and an even further distance from being perfected enough to move on to the next skill. Continuing in classes not only allows athletes to maintain consistent training, but also allows them to continue to make the skills perfect so they can perform them confidently at the end of a routine.

Shouldn’t I just take private lessons?
Private lessons are fantastic. They offer athletes one on one focused instruction. Like anything else however, private lessons have their place, but are not the silver bullet. First off private lessons are expensive. Minute for minute 2 months of class at $100 total would be comparable to 20 privates at $400. Another important consideration is the learning and motivation that happens when athletes tumble and train together. Many athletes thrive working with teammates, friends, and other talented kids. This is why you will often see athletes gain a new skill or start working a new progression during open gym times, where they are essentially playing/training with their friends and not being directed by a coach.

Do you really think my athlete would benefit from the class?
Long story short…. ALWAYS. If your athlete is in the appropriate class for them they will always benefit from taking the class if they work hard and focus. More practice with outstanding coaches is the answer no matter what an athlete is working on. Additionally we at Oregon Dream Teams do not simply create classes to increase profit. Every class and session we develop is designed with specific intent to benefit and progress target demographics in our program.

So now that we have answered some of the most common questions about taking classes I have a question for you. Why have you not signed up yet?

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