The dangers of the couch: Keeping kids active throughout summer


School, and the sun are both out, and summer is officially here.  Summer is a fun and exciting time for kids as they get to forego the stresses of daily school work and trade it in for vacation, relaxation and time with friends.  I know as a coach summer is one of my favorite times of the year in many ways.  The season is new and exciting, teams are developing into new families, and new skills are being chased aggressively.  However, summer can bring with it a laundry list of challenges for parents who do not get the joy of taking the summer “off” from work to just hang out.

One of the biggest challenges for a parent is to figure out how to deactivate the magnet in the couch that connects with the magnet that was surgically implanted by aliens in your childs hind quarters.  Often times kids appear to have taken root on the couch, secluding themselves into a cave, shutting out the fun and sun that they so craved just the day before.  Video games, movies, and the netflix binge make it all to easy to sit on the couch and miss out on the true joys of summer.

So how do we, as mentors and parents, get our kids off the couch and out into the world?  Well the easiest solution would be to get rid of the television.  If you take away the screens, they will inevitably find something else to occupy their time.  However, I realize for many families that is not a reasonable solution.

The next, and possibly more feasible option is to PLAN them activities.  Even if they tell you they are not interested.  There are literally hundreds of camps and other activities you can get your kids involved in throughout the summer.  Whether it be science camp, zoo camp, a cheer and tumbling camp or soccer camp there is literally an option for everyone.

ODT prides itself on giving options to parents who want to get their kids off the couch, out of the house, sweating and making new friends.  ODT proudly offers cheer camps for all levels of athlete.  You can even choose to do a single week or multiple weeks.  To top it all off at the end of camp the athletes perform for their friends and families!

We also offer a host of classes that can get you active once a week or 6 days a week.  Whatever level of activity you want we can help with.  However, the biggest benefit of ODT camps and classes is the friendships made in a family environment focused on developing the character of our athletes.

So whatever you decide to do to get your kids off the couch remember this.  YOU ARE IN CHARGE.  They may complain, they may say your mean, but in the end, maybe many years down the road, your children will thank you for investing in them.  They will have tangible experiences in their childhood that go far beyond anything hours of gaming will ever bring them.

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