Competitive Cheerleading


  • ODT has been attending the USASF Cheerleading Worlds for the past 13 seasons and has won 6 PAID Bids.
  • In 2019 ODT’S Large Coed team “Dream” placed 6th in the World
  • 2020 Dream ranked 4th in the USASF World Point Championship
  • ODT has been sending teams to US Finals and the D2 Summit for 6 years
  • 2021 Medium Senior 4 team “Vanity” placed 2nd at D2 Summit
  • 2022 our Senior 4.2 “Icons” placed 3rd
  • We take great pride in being successful from level 1 – 6.
  • 2019 our Medium Senior 4 team “Vanity” WON Cheersport Nationals
  • 2021 our Small Senior 2 team “2Fab” WON NCA All Star Nationals.
  • We cannot wait to have you join us, your spot is just a few clicks away!


Competitive Cheer is a year round sport designed to have something for people of all ages and abilities.  Athletes are placed on teams with athletes of similar age and ability, and compete against other teams from around the country. Competitive cheer does not involve any actual “Cheering” these days.  Routines are performed to a set time of music and involve stunting, tumbling, jumps and dance.  Our action packed exciting routines get the blood pumping as much for the crowd as they do for the athletes on the mat.


Oregon Dream Teams is the ONLY program in Oregon to consistently offer teams at levels 1 through Worlds 6.  Our Elite and Classic teams will be having level assessments for the 23-24 season in April and May, get registered and join THE BEST!

1 Team 1 Dream

Join a full year team

ODT teams are the best in the Pacific Northwest. Elite athletes are those who are ready to challenge themselves, and travel the country competing against the best teams in their divisions. Elite teams practice 3 times per week and compete 6-8 times per season. Classic Teams compete locally and practice twice per week.


Check out our level placement rubric (Classic and Elite)

ODT Level placement rubric is used to asses athletes skill level within the established sport of competitive cheerleading. Athletes who are looking to achieve a particular level placement should consult the rubric prior to their level assessments!


Join our fundementals/performance teams!

ODT Fundamentals program is the best way to get started in competitive cheer for the first time athlete. Our fundamentals team will exhibition 3 times through the 4 month season allowing them to learn the sport without the stress of competing.