What is Worlds and What are Bids?

What is worlds and what are bids?

What is Worlds

Worlds is the ultimate end of season event.  Created in 2005 by the United States All Star Federation the Cheerleading Worlds was designed to bring together the best teams in the country and have them compete against one another to crown the world champion.  The original USASF worlds had around 22 teams compete at it.  Today almost 20 years later there are over 2500 teams participating across 40+ divisions representing more than 13 countries.

The Cheerleading worlds is held annually in Orlando Florida at the Disney World ESPN Wide World Of Sports.  If you have ever been to Summit, the Summit was based off of Worlds and is very similar in layout however completely different in feel.  The elite nature of the competition brings with it a level of competency and professionalism only seen at worlds.  ODT is proud to be the highest placing team from the state of Oregon and has sent teams to the cheerleading worlds since 2007 when Dream was created.

What are worlds bids?

Worlds bids are awarded to teams as a qualification to attend the cheerleading worlds.  Only certain competitions offer worlds bids at them, and each competition has different criteria for how bids are awarded.  Generally speaking if there are 6 bids you need to be one of the 6 highest scoring teams.  However, if someone already has a bid then they are not factored in to that consideration unless it is a paid bid.

Paid vs. At Large Bids – Paid bids are given to teams that score exceptionally well.  Paid bids are (at the time of this writing) worth $675 per athlete and 2 coaches if you stay on Disney property, and the value of a commuter package if you do not stay on property.

At Large bids are an invitation to attend worlds but are not financially compensated in any way.

Events that ODT attends/considers attending that have bids:

American Grand – 6 At Large Bids | 2 Paid

All Things Cheer – 6 At Large Bids | 2 Paid

Cheersport Nationals – 22+ At Large Bids | 12 Paid

Pac West Nationals –  3 At Large Bids |1 Paid

USA Nationals – 9 At Large Bids |3 Paid