What to Expect Before, During, and After Competition

What to Expect Before, During, and After Competitions

What to Before Competition

For each competition, information will be provided as we get it. At no time is information withheld or delayed (unless there is a high likelihood of large changes).  Unfortunately, we have seen more and more delayed information from competitions over the last few years.  We have competitions where we are not getting the comp schedule until 3 days before and then having changes up to the day of comp.  Once the gym has information it will be provided on:

  • Specific location of the competition
  • Arrival and departure days if it is a travel event
  • What to arrive in.  (We take pride in our athletes maintaining the ODT look throughout the day)
  • Where/when to drop off/collect your athlete (If we know that specifically)
  • Where do parents go? What side of the venue to sit on (when applicable)
  • Spectator fees
  • Awards times

We will do our best to provide you as much relevant information as possible without overloading you.  Please also consult the tabs for our travel events as we will continue to upload information there.

What to Expect at Competition

Competitions have been in a state of continual flux due to COVID.  We do not 100% know what the future holds for us this season in regard to audiences, amount of time at venue and in person awards.  We are hoping to be 100% back to normal but we will not know until we get closer to competition season.  

Athletes are not allowed to leave a venue from the drop off time until after awards unless specifically cleared with the gym owner/coach! During official team time, warmup process, parents are not allowed unless requested by the coaches/owner.  This is to keep athletes focused and following their coaches, as opposed to going back and forth between parent and coach for approvals on restroom use etc.  The coaches have strict timelines they follow and need to know where their athletes are to ensure those timelines are met.  

Throughout competition days, regardless of where an athlete is, good sportsmanship is required by all athletes, parents, and coaches. We wish luck to each competition team, congratulate our competition, and remain positive during awards ceremonies regardless of how we place. 

At ODT, if you have friends that cheer for another program we encourage you to support them, say hello, take photos etc.  Coaches will do their best to allow athletes to watch friends’ performances however, their team comes first.  ODT takes great pride in setting the example of exemplary sportsmanship!

Athletes are expected to attend awards and we will attend awards in uniform.  Athletes should plan to leave their bags, and phones with their parents and look professional during awards.  Our athletes applaud each team when receiving an award and even when receiving an award we are not excited about carry ourselves with grace.

At some competitions when athletes win they receive things like, jackets or sweatshirts.  We will communicate this information as we have it from each event, however if your athlete wins anticipate you will be staying for around 25-30 minutes longer.

After the Comp – Reviewing Score Sheets

After each competition, Dan will review score sheets live via a Band.  This will be in detail, including scores, corrections and a brief overview of what to expect going into practices and adjustments coaches may be looking at.   These are live videos so parents and athletes can ask questions in the comments.  Please ensure you are not only on your team band but the Gym band too, “ODT Athletes and Parents” as we will stream them there.