What is D2 Summit and how do bids work?

What is D2 Summit and how do bids work?

What is D2 Summit

First it is important to understand the difference between D1 and D2.  D1 Programs are programs with more than 125 Elite and Prep athletes in their program.  D2 Programs are programs with less than 125 Elite or Prep athletes.  ODT falls into the D2 category because we have less than 125 elite athletes and our Classic teams compete in the novice division which does not count against your D1/D2 numbers.

What are the pro’s and cons of D2?  On the west coast there is almost no advantage to being D2.  The D2 gyms on the west coast are some of the best in the country.  In fact there are only a few D1 programs, especially in the PNW.  Many seasons the D2 scores are higher than the D1 scores at our events in the PNW.  This is not to say that the D1 Gyms in the PNW are bad, simply to say that the D2 division on this side of the country is VERY VERY competitive.  The advantage comes at events like NCA, Cheersport, and Summit.  D1 Gyms like Top Gun, Cheer Extreme, Cheer athletics etc compete in the D1 division.  Are we scared to stack up against these teams?  No we are not, and often times we may have too.  At D2 Summit the competition is just as fierce as it is at D1 and in fact there are often times are more people in the division.  However we are at least comparing ourselves to a gym with similar resources.

The D2 Summit is an end of season event that athletes can compete and qualify for throughout the season.  In order to attend the D2 Summit each team has to earn a “Bid”.  Last season all of our summit eligible teams received bids to D2 Summit.

What are Summit Bids

Summit bids are awarded with specific criteria set by Varsity, the company that hosts the summit.  Only Varsity Brand events award summit bids.  Summit bids are awarded as follows.  Only Junior and Senior teams are eligible for the summit/D2 summit

At teams with At Large Bids only.

1 bid to level 1

1 bid to level 2

1 bid to level 3

1 bid to level 4

1 bid to level 5/4.2

These bids will be given only to those levels unless that level does not exist at the event or all the teams in that level have a bid.

For competitions with paid bids.

3 paid bids 6 AL.

The paid bids are distributed to the highest scoring teams.  However once a level gets a paid they are out.

IE:  1 Paid bid to Level 1,2, and 3.  The AL bids start with the levels that have not received bids.  Once each level has received a bid the process starts over, the next highest scoring team in any level gets a bid, then that level is out and cannot get another bid until it passes through all the other levels.  This makes more sense when I explain in the video below.

Once a team has received a bid they cannot get another one unless it is to upgrade to a full paid.

Types of bids

Wild Card – Compete Friday to earn your way into finals

At Large – Compete in Semi Finals to make your way to finals

Partial Paid – Receive half the cost of summit registration (Around $350)

Full Paid – Receive full cost of summit registration and hotel (Around $675)